Embrace the Night (Cassandra Palmer Series #3)

Embrace the Night - Karen Chance I have to admit that this series is really growing on me, though Chance has not given up on her love of bringing dead stars into her stories. In Embrace the Night we were introduced to Jim Morrison's ghost which last long enough for me to roll my eyes. In this story, Chance really enlarged her world which I would have believed impossible to do because she had already used so many super natural beings in the other two books. The world consists of fae, both light and dark, witches, Demons, Incubus, vampires, Ancient Greek Gods, and Merlin from Arthurian legends. Clearly a lot went on in the story but Chance managed to keep it all straight. I think that it takes a great imagination to have all of these mythos in one book, without having one group over power another and Chance does this beautifully.Time shifting plays a huge role in this book, but unlike previous stories, it was extremely easy to follow. It really added a level of complexity that lead to a brilliant story. When Cassie was in Paris in the 1700's, the background scenery was so graphically described, that as a reader, it felt as though I was on the journey with her. This book also tied up some time traveling issues that were difficult to follow in the first two books.Read More