Steam & Sorcery (Gaslight Chronicles, #1)

Steam & Sorcery (Gaslight Chronicles, #1) - Cindy Spencer Pape Sir Merrick Hadrian is A Knight of the Order of the Round Table. His job is to use magic and steam technology to hunt down evil, whether it be human or supernatural. One night on the trail of a vampire he is actually saved by a group of street urchins. He is moved to take them on as wards, when the oldest boy shows signs that he has the skills to become a trained knight. Suddenly Merrick moves from being a confirmed bachelor to a man with a house full of children he can scarcely control. His aunt recommends that he hire Miss Caroline Bristol to become a governess for the children. After finding out that Merrick is a confirmed bachelor, Caroline is determined to down the job, having been accosted repeatedly by previous employers. It is only because the children are so endearing that Caroline decides to accept the job. What she does not realise is that this acceptance will lead to a discovery about her true origins, place her in mortal danger and introduce her to all of the supernatural elements that polite society simply cannot bear to acknowledge. Essentially, Steam & Sorcery is a romance based steampunk novel, with elements of fantasy like vampires, werewolves and fae. I am going to say upfront that I am not a lover of the romance genre; however, the elements of this story made it interesting. Caroline, the female love interest is very much her own person and an independent thinker. She refuses to be left behind while Merrick investigates cases. She actively listens for clues to help him and when the time comes, is not afraid to pick up an umbrella or a gun for that matter to defend herself and those she cares for. She absolutely refuses to be bullied into playing the frail woman. Read More