Unclean Spirits (Black Sun's Daughter)

Unclean Spirits - M.L.N. Hanover When I finished reading Unclean Spirits, I found myself staring at the cursor on my computer screen, not sure about what to say about this series. I certainly am not overwhelmed by the story, but the book sorts of leaves you with a blank feeling. It begins with Eric Alexander Heller, sitting in a dive bar attempting to hire a few low lives to do a job. He seems to have a sort of special sight that allows him to determine if someone is really human or, nosferatu or loupine. Apparently, these creatures implant themselves in human bodies, and the owner of the body is forcibly removed or exterminated. Yep, a sort of new take on Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He agrees to go with the men to another location, but quickly realizes that they are not who they originally appeared to be, and ends up dead.Eric's niece Jayne, pronounced zha-nay (a point of which we are reminded about ad nauseum) arrives in Denver to settle his estate. She is met at the airport by Aubrey, who is a friend of her uncle. We learn that Eric was never close to her parents, but that he always took time to be there for Jayne. Out of the blue, Jayne says to Aubrey, "I just want you to know, "it's okay with me that he was gay." Aubrey is shocked and tells her that he did not know that, and Jayne rethinks her assumptions. It seems that she believed that Eric was gay because he did not get along with her religiously conservative parents. For a major part of this story, almost every time Jayne brings up Eric it is to inform the listener that he is gay. It's like being hit over the head with a battering ram at times.Read More