Dead Iron (Age of Steam Series #1)

Dead Iron - Devon Monk Dead Iron falls into the category of paranormal steampunk. I really looked forward to this book when I saw that it was chosen as the book of the month by one of my Goodreads reading groups; however, that excitement quickly turned to dust, and I found myself looking for anything to do other than reading this book. How do you know when a book is bad? When you find yourself thinking after reading a few pages, hnmmmm I suddenly have a desire to clean the kitchen, or a do a load of laundry. Yes, housework is more amusing than this book.One of the major faults with Monk's work is how convoluted the story is. First we have a werewolf named Cedar Hunt, who is considered an outsider in the small Oregon town of Hallelujah. He has moved to Hallelujah in an attempt to forget his past. Hunt believes that he killed his brother, one night when the wolf's blood lust blocked out his ability to reason. His wife and child are also dead. Out of the blue, Rose Small, the General Store owner's adopted daughter tells him about a missing child named Elbert Gregor, and he decides to hunt him down. Because Rose has told him that she believes that the boogeyman took the child, he decides to pay a visit to the Madder brothers, who seem to have a special skill working with stone. Even though he has no connection with this child, he is willing to owe the Madders a favor in order to secure their help.If that were not bad enough, we learn that Hunt is a werewolf because he was cursed. When asked what he had done to cause a God to be angry enough to curse him he said, "I walked on the wrong land. Pawnee land. I did no harm other than to be under the wrong go's scrutiny." (pg. 193) He then goes on to say, "Told me there were Strange rising in the land. Told me I was to hunt them. Kill them." Okay, keep in mind that this is the 1800's, and that White settlers and the government are busy slaughtering, raping, and starving Native Americans. It is absolutely problematic that the only time First Nations people are mentioned, is for one of them to choose a White man as their champion. Has Monk ever read a history book or had an actual conversation with a First Nations person? Somehow I doubt it.Read More