Married with Zombies (Living with the Dead Series #1)

Married With Zombies - Jesse Petersen Sarah and Dave are attending marriage counseling to try and save their doomed relationship – not that it’s helping very much. But who would have thought that saving their marriage, would mean killing their marriage counselor?To be fair, the counselor was trying to eat them at the time. A zombie outbreak has come to Seattle and before long, they’re outnumbering the living people. Faced with the shock of what has happened and then the desperate need to flee the city, Sarah and Dave have to come together as they never have before, as they scramble to survive, and try to find somewhere that is safe – or at least get out of the city and its hordes of the undead. Assuming, of course, that anywhere is safe as zombies spread further and further across the west coastOf course, marital problems don’t just disappear – but there are few greater bonding experiences than covering each other with stolen shotguns, as you try to survive the zombie hordes.I did not expect this book to be nearly as funny as it was. After all, it’s a book about a zombie apocalypse. You expect fear and horror and loss and grief – you expect people to find out what they are capable of and the extremes of evil people can be pushed to in a crisis – and even the extremes of evil they will indulge in when they feel there is no-one to stop them. You expect to see people grow and develop as they learn what they are capable of an the extremeAnd we have all of that. We have loss; we have some truly poignant scenes of loss and grief as they confront family and friends who die to the zombies – or who need killing before they turn into zombies. We have growth as they both step up to the necessities of a zombie infested world. We have hard choices as they have to choose what to do to be safe, as they lose people, as they have to leave people behind. In short, we have all the themes and epic moments and emotional moments you’d expect from a zombie apocalypse book.Read More