Generation Dead (Generation Dead Novels)

Generation Dead - Daniel Waters Generation Dead by Daniel Waters was recommended to us by one of our readers, and after enduring this book, I have no idea what this person was thinking. As you may have guessed by the title, Generation Dead is a zombie story. In the movies the zombie is usually the antagonist, who spends most of its time trying to eat living humans; however, in Generation Dead, the zombies are trying to integrate into society. At this point the only zombies are teenagers, who come back after dying. Science cannot explain why they come back to life or why some of them are more animated than others.As you might expect, there are some who are happy to have their loved one back and others who quickly abandon them out of fear. Preachers are actively saying that the dead are a sign of the coming apocalypse based in the idea that zombies are unholy. Because zombies have been declared dead they have no rights and this means that killing them is not a crime, nor is discriminating against them in many forms. This is a book primarily about discrimination and prejudice. I don’t think it’s especially a love story (though there are elements of that) or even a YA school story - this is about discrimination, how people deal with bigotry, how bigotry affects people and the different forms of bigotry.I’ve said before that the whole “fantastic” prejudice theme is overdone - and it is. But I’m not going to slam a book for that because I also think it can be a decent way to explore prejudice if it is done right.Sadly, I don’t think this book did that.It touched on many issues but didn’t really explore them. It’s also a book about prejudice told entirely through the eyes of people who don’t experience the prejudice - and oh boy have we seen them before. But it also covers a lot of issues very shallowlyRead More