The Forever Girl (Forever Girl, #1)

The Forever Girl (Forever Girl, #1) - Rebecca  Hamilton Sophia is trying to make her small town life work – though she’s not exactly enamoured with it. Unfortunately, being a wiccan in a town with a rather… inflexible church is not very fun. When your mother is a member of said church it’s many times less than fun. And that’s before you consider the daily grind of living with her curse.Still, life was working, until she suddenly finds herself introduced very abruptly to a whole new world. A world of elementals and vampires and shapeshifters, each with their own agendas. And at least some of those agendas seem to involve her, whether she wants to be involved or not.Of course, one agenda she certainly wants to be part of is Charles, the intriguing and extremely good looking shape shifter who has his own secrets. Keeping safe, finding a balance with Charles and dealing with their own issues with each other are more than enough to keep anyone busy, but there are others who are also watching – and have their own designs for Sophia and Charles.They find themselves dragged into a centuries old obsession and, worse, into the very depths of supernatural politics - and war.What I love most about this book is the world. The idea that supernatural beings are different elementals, the concept of the universe and how each elemental has its own gifts and was intended to correct the problems of the previous elemental is fascinating. I actually wish it was more explored, especially since I think Sophia has the opportunity to ask a lot more questions than she did. I love this world. I’d really pick up the next book simply because of this world, it’s more than enough reason to keep me reading and keep me hooked to the series.I’m also quite interested in how the magic system and ritual are performed. It’s structured, but free-form, like it has loose rules but not strict boundaries and allows a lot for personal touches and interpretation. It’s something else I’d definitely like to see more of.The plot was also interesting in its way, and yes I’m slightly more guarded here. I think this book has 3 stories that gradually meld one into another. To begin with we have the story of Sophia living in the world which isn’t very friendly, discovering the supernatural, beginning to understand the supernatural and slowly adapting to the supernatural and even beginning to realise that she, herself, has a place in the supernatural world. It’s not a rapid discovery, even with the plunge into the deep end introduction, she then gradually finds her feet. In some ways I find this very refreshing, far too often in urban Fantasy does a protagonist discover the supernatural and then decide she’s going to leap in with both feet to SOLVE THE MYSTERTY! Even though, realistically, she knows absolutely nothing about what she’s doing. Sometimes it’s done well. Sometimes not. Here we have more of a slow exploration – with reservations, certainly, but not so much running and screaming. Perhaps she’s more reticent than I’d like but otherwise I like it.Read More