Fated (Probability Mage Novel)

Fated - Benedict Jacka Alex Verus is a mage with a very interesting power - he can see into the future. He owns a small magical shop in London by which he makes a living. The dark mages are no fans of him after his escape from his master Richard and the council has little respect or use for him, that is until one day when when he is brought a very powerful key by Luna, the woman he considers to be his student. Luna is cursed and anyone who gets to close to her risks being hurt or even dying through association. Alex does not immediately know the purpose of the cube Luna places in his care, but when he sees into the future that a dark mage will kill him if he discovers the cube, Alex knows that he has to protect it and by extension protect Luna. All of the other mages with foresight leave town and Alex ignores the advice to do the same, because he realizes that doing so would be a death sentence for Luna. Alex is quickly involved in a battle between the mages possess the fateweaver. Both sides want his skills and the one thing that is certain is that both sides will kill him when he has served his purpose. Can Alex keep himself and Luna alive?A mage whose power is the ability to see into the future is quite fascinating. Because he does not have an active power, Alex has to out think his opponent. He has a few tools like a cloak that allows him to blend into his environment but his greatest weapon is his intelligence. I really like that Jacka did this because far too often with male protagonists, power comes from physical force reducing a protagonist to nothing but a ridiculous super hero. Read More