Dime Store Magic (Women of the Otherworld, Book 3)

Dime Store Magic - Kelley Armstrong In this book we follow Paige Winterborne, young witch from Stolen who has come home with a major duty – to look after the extremely powerful 12 year old witch, Savannah Levine. An already daunting task to take on with the full disapproval of the Coven elders levelled against her.But Leah is back – and the half-demon has brought the Nast Cabal with her, determined to claim custody of Savannah. The Cabal’s pockets are vast – but even that is dwarfed by the magical assets they can bring to hand. Legal battles, murdered lawyers, the rising dead and the constant threat of sorcerous magic and Leah’s devastating telekinesis makes for a daunting threat. Worst of all, they take the battle public, accusing Paige as a witch, as a Satanist, as anything they can get to stick and watch crowds of humans and media converge on Paige’s doorstepOstracised by her community, abandoned by her Coven, Paige has to handle the full might of the Cabal on her own –except for the altruistic intervention of Lucas Cortez, Sorcerer and do-gooder crusader – with the oddest family connections.I loved this book. While the last book was, perhaps, a little clumsy in introducing the full range of supernatural beings, this book has been introduced and can now use all the things we’ve seen. We get to see magic, what it really means and what it really involves, we get to see more and learn more about Half-Demons and Sorcerers and Witches and Necromancers, we get history and context and so much more world building – but all of it is fully integrated into the story. No awkward dumping or shoe-horning, no lectures and no convoluted explanation moments. We get to see the world through the story, not it pushed in whenever it can be. I also like that the Cabals, in many cases the big bad of the supernatural world, are not presented as uber-evil criminal organisations. It’s more nuanced than thatRead More