Burnt Offerings (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #7)

Burnt Offerings - Laurell K. Hamilton The Vampire Council, the supreme authority over all things vampire, is in town and they are not happy with Jean-Claude. It seems that Mr. Oliver was the Councillor known as the Earthmover. Traditionally the vampire that kills a Councillor takes his place on the Council.But Jean-Claude doesn’t want the job and is doubtful of his own ability to survive at such a high level against such ancient and powerful vampires. Unfortunately, that’s not a view shared by all the Councillors, some of whom fear his rise to power and are looking for an excuse to kill him.And that excuse is the suspicion that he’s trying to set up a new council in the US – if Jean-Claude can’t prove that false, then they have grounds for his execution. It’s even shakier when they realise that several of the Council representatives have no reason to like Jean-Claude, including Asher, his long ago friend who still blames him for the death of Julianna and the horrific scars he received at the hands of the church.The Councillors themselves have some awful habits that strain Anita’s tolerance, and her ability to keep all of her people safe from their abuses. And all along, some of them have a different agenda entirely.I loved to learn about the Council, it was nice to see some of the world outside of St. Louis, some of the history and authority of vampires and what they mean. It was also a first real introduction to the heads of some of the vampire lines, even though we’ve been introduced to the different lines in the past.I also like very much the continuation of the issues that happened in the past. Like she can’t kill the head of a major shapeshifter group and not have that alter the balance of the city and not have consequences. As well as the ongoing tension with Richard and Dolph – as the death count Anita has racked up just becomes too much to ignore. These foundations of conflict and sustained meta are interesting and add a lot of depth to the world.