Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #1)

Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Vampires are trying to live quiet lives as best they can. Their society is secretive and often separated from humanity – who they have little to do with. But there numbers are dwindling. An ancient group of human hunters has tried to annihilate them throughout the ages. To fight the vampires these Lessers sacrifice their souls, continually recruit more members and hunt the vampires with a sadistic glee. In response, the Vampires have the Black Dagger Brotherhood – a small group of veteran fighters to defend them against the predation of the Lessers. Each with their own darkness, they are the few warriors that try to save their species from extinction.Wrath is their leader – and heir apparent to the empty throne that he refuses to fill. Cold and aloof, he dedicates himself to nothing but the fight – until his Brother, Darius is killed by the Lessers and his dying wish is for Wrath to take care of his daughter, Beth. Raised as a human Beth is soon approaching her transition to becoming a vampire – a transition that may kill her without Wrath's help.Together they deal with their overwhelming attraction, transitioning into vampiredom, avenging Darius' death, saving themselves from the continued attacks by the Lessers – and to complicate it all, Beth's friend Butch, a police man, knows something is up and are watching all too closely. All the while the shadows of Wrath's past continue to haunt him.Wrath and Beth see each other and things get engorged/hot/wet/hard and the humping starts. Just about every time they lay eyes on each other – even before Beth knows his name. And I wouldn't mind if it was a case of sexual agency and simply enjoying the sexy time – but it's not, it's more akin to Love at First Woo-woo with both knowing they Cannot Live Without the Other. Wrath and Beth go from complete strangers to true love, married and “I will die for you!” (literally) in the space of... a week? Maybe 2 weeks on the outside. Even Marissa and Butch go from “just met” to “I can't stop thinking about you!” in 8 hours.There's also a huge amount of Hauptman going on here – Wrath marks Beth as his. We have references to her being “branded” claimed, taken and all the skeevy we normally get where Twu Luv looks a lot like a stalker abusive boyfriend. Wrath, of course, being the Big Bad Man has to protect her and threatens death and dire consequences (or actually physically assault) to any man who looks at her/talks about her. The way it's worded, it's implied that all male vampires are similarly inclined.Read More