Gil's All Fright Diner

Gil's All Fright Diner - A. Lee Martinez Duke, who is a werewolf and Earl, who is a vampire -- are travelling together -- when their old truck runs out of gas, in the small southern town of Rockwood, just outside of Gil's All Night Diner. When they enter Loretta the proprietor and waitress questions them about whether they saw anything weird, but they simply shake their heads. Duke empties the last of his change asking how much food this will buy him. When the food finally arrives, Duke begins to eat but his meal is interrupted when zombies break through the restaurant door forcing Duke and Earl to fight them off.Loretta is upset that once again the zombies have broken her door and that she is forced to pay for their disposal. It seems that for the last few weeks, zombies have been making themselves a menace and scaring off customers. Loretta decides to hire Duke and Earl to get rid of he zombies and lay a gasline in the restaurant.Duke decides that he will handle the gas line and he sends Earl off to deal with the zombies. When he gets to the graveyard he meets Cathy the guardian. The last person buried in a cemetery is always forced to guard it and this frees the other ghosts to either wander the earth or go into the hereafter. Cathy is super excited to see Earl because he can see her, and this means that she has someone to talk to. Earl is not at all comfortable talking to Cathy at first and her request for a handshake particularly bothers him, because he does not like touching ghosts.What Duke and Earl do not realize is that they have stumbled into a larger problem than simply zombies rising out of their graves. Gil's All Night Diner, is located at a gateway which has the potential to release the old Gods into the world. Tammy who is Asian and is only in Rockwood because her parents adopted her has been busy practising the dark arts. When she is performing magic she demands to be called Mistress Lillith by solitary follower Chad. Tammy's goal is to get Loretta to give up the diner so that she can open the portal but unfortunately, Chad, while helpful at times, seems to be more interested in getting into her pants.Read More