Club Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 3)

Club Dead - Charlaine Harris Bill is working on a secret project for the Queen of Louisiana – that would be the vampire Queen. Something that bypasses Eric and consumes so much of his time that Sookie feels neglected – it’s also something that takes him out of Louisiana.And when out of Louisiana, he goes missing. Which has the Queen agitating at Eric and Eric bringing the problem to Sookie – they need to find Bill, in Jackson, Mississippi, rescue him and find his work. And to make things worse, Bill has taken up with an old flame.Sookie is heading out with her telepathy to do some investigating with Aclide, a werewolf, for company. But while he knows Jackson, he also bring his own issues and problems into the situation.In terms of plot I liked this book. Bill has been kidnapped and it’s necessary to travel to hostile territory to track him down and save him, with a side dose of personal drama I don’t care for but isn’t too awful. It was well paced – the story moved along without any lags or breaks with discovery following discovery all pushed with a decent amount of investigation. We have appropriate red herrings that remain mysteries until much later in the book. Even the disposing of bodies is well presented with what you’d think are normal emotions – the panic and the fear and the worry – rather than in a coolly detached manner that wouldn’t work with themNegotiating in the different territory allowed for some interesting world building, some greater expansion and exploration of the setting that I enjoyed. But I felt it could have used more – I can understand not questioning Erica about Vampire monarchy – but just seeing Hobb the goblin and thinking “oh a goblin” and moving on?If I had any complaints it’s that the investigation, as it goes ahead, ultimately relies on the extreme luck of Sookie being brought into the mansion. I’m also more than a little tired of the gratuitous violence Sookie faces – I expect a level of violence and injury in Urban Fantasy novels, it’s reasonable that a human playing with vampires is going to be hurt. But she’s attacked in the bar (unnecessary), staked (unnecessary but conveniently advances the plot), raped (REALLY unnecessary), then beaten up when she returns home (also, unnecessary). It feels like, the last scene in particular, is just added in for extra injuries.Alcide is also a decent character if we learned more about him for him. Despite being there a lot, I’m left feeling like all I know about him is that he’s a werewolf, that he likes Sookie and that he used to date Debbie. For a character to be around so much he could have used more depth to him.Read More