Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville, Book 1)

Kitty and the Midnight Hour - Carrie Vaughn Kitty is a werewolf. Though she has worked hard to keep it hidden from her friends and family – and certainly from her work colleagues at the radio station she late night DJs for.At least she did, until one show got out of hand and suddenly she is talking the supernatural all the time. Her ratings spike and she grows ever more popular reaching out to people who want to talk about the supernatural – as well as a huge number of vampires and werewolves who want someone to talk to, to advise them and who understands themNow as an ever growing and ever more famous personality who is openly supernatural she faces a world that is rapidly changing as the supernatural is revealed and acknowledged. Further she faces her pack – and the local Vampire Family – who are less than pleased with her independence and her public revelations.There's also a travelling preacher moving from place to place – offering faith healing and a way to change supernatural creatures into humans. He seems legitimate to an extent – but none of the people who go for his cure are ever seen againAnd there's the pack. The pack that is not pleased by Kitty's independence and is in turmoil from her increased dominance and refusal to accede to her alpha's demands – as well as jealousy from Meg, the alpha female who fears being replaced.I was surprised by this book. Surprised because it came very highly recommended. I was looking forward to it – it was a treat I'd saved myself for when gloom and doom was on the horizon. I went in with high expectations. These expectations weren't so much let down as beaten down with a large hammer.The world is faintly interesting -not unique, but we're actually catching a modern preternatural world on the cusp of revelation. We begin the story when the world is pretty much ignorant of the existence of the supernatural and we end with it becoming publicly acknowledged and accepted. It's interesting to see how that develops, the challenges and opinions Kitty faces, working with the police in neither an official context but nor with an antagonistic one, dealing with supernatural elements that want to keep themselves secret.Read more