Last Blood (House of Comarré #5) by Kristen Painter

Last Blood  - Kristen Painter

Last Blood is the last book in the House of House of Comarré series. It was billed as the final showdown between forces of good and evil but never really delivered the epic that was promised. When we last left the star crossed Mal and Chrysabelle (a name I will be happy never to read again), Mal had lost is love for the comarré and had revered back into a monster.  For her part, Chrysabelle discovered that she was pregnant with Mal's child.

This series has always suffered from too many characters and it was the most obvious in this book.  The POV continually shifted between Tatiania/ Chrysabelle and Mal, Doc/Fi and Remo, the mayor who wanted Lilith back and of course the whole KM debacle.  There were times when I felt myself saying just get on with it already.

Mal was finally a monster again had a chance to commit some real havoc, instead he was drugged to the point that he was unable to do much of everything and Chrysabelle quickly saved him.  The mission was supposedly dangerous, but it took her no time at all. Mal was back to quickly moon over Chrsyabelle and vow his undying love for over and over again. It was sickeningly sweet and quickly became annoying. Why is it that readers constantly feel the need to introduce love to a vampire for the purposes of taming said vampire and make them emotionally wrought pain in the asses? It's boring.


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