Shrouded in Illusion - H.D. Thomson Skye has come to Las Vegas in a desperate quest for answers – answers to fill the gaps in her memories, answers about who she is, where she come from and where she got these odd psychic powers she has.And answers that may tell her who is targeting her son.In Vegas she finds David – with the same holes in his memory, the same origins and the same odd, unexplained powers. Together they may be able to find some answers – but the past is catching up with her and her enemies are getting closer.This book surprised me considerably with its twists. And it’s not often that happens. For a long time I thought I knew what was going on – and I was wrong.I thought I knew what Skye’s powers were – and turned out to be very wrong.I thought I knew why she was on the run – and, again, turned out to be wrong.I thought I knew her past and the source of her powers and the cause of her flashbacks – and I was wrong.I didn’t even know why one of the characters was chasing her – and all of my guesses were completely and utterly wrong on that score as well.I’m not usually that wrong – and I hasten to say it’s not because the book set out to deliberately mislead me. There was plenty of ways I could have guessed correctly, there was no deliberate bait and switch – but it had left enough up in the air for me to make wrong assumptions and leave the ending a mystery.The writing was generally well done – lots of hints without dropping huge amounts of information but also without making it feel like the book was being ridiculously or convolutedly cagey. There were never times when information was withheld in a way that didn’t make sense. And the multiple red herrings along the way were perfectly crafted. It was a little long and slow in places, especially when it comes to emotional introspection, but it generally worked, particularly for a mystery with so little leads to go on.I liked Skye as a character – she is dedicated to her son, but she isn’t finding answers just for him, she wants to know for herself as well. She is hurt, she is vulnerable but she’s also incredibly strong. I love that her strength isn’t based entirely on her special woo-woo or super skills. The core of Skye’s strength is her reserve, her willpower, her determination. Her ability to walk into a room and command it with her excellent poise that is intimidating in its strength. I love her determination to live her own life and reject bossy, controlling men:“She’d got used to being her own boss and in charge of her life. Me, not having some man tell her how to run it. Granted, her life was a mess at the moment , but it was her mess”.She also shows surprising common sense. There’s a classic scene in the book where a complete stranger, possibly an enemy, approaches Skye and tells her that David cannot be trusted and there are dark evil secrets in his father’s past. In so many books we’d then be treated to several chapters of Skye keeping dangerous secrets and not trusting David. Skye passes the information on – she’s not going to stop trusting an ally who has never been false with her because some random stranger with unknown motives shouted dire and vague warnings.Read More