The Secret Eater

The Secret Eater - Ros Jackson Kenssie feeds on secrets, not too unusual for a demon, even one that’s as weak as she is. But even her weak powers are beginning to fade and aside from being worrisome, it’s pretty embarrassing as well. And she knows all about that as a thrall to an embarrassment demon.Whacky hijinks follow as she tries to find the key to get her powers back, being dragged into various machinations of her boss and her contact along the wayAfter finishing this book I was annoyed. Why? Because it was a novella. A novella! Whyyyyy?! Why isn’t this longer! We have demons feeding on emotions and human secrets! We have a world full of a range of weird and wonderful creatures and their politicking against each other! We have comic ineptitude! We have a screamingly funny writing style and characters I just adore! It has the secret and forbidden arcane knowledge of Nigella Express! We have an archdemon of embarrassment who does extremely well by doing dodgy dad dance moves in public and feasting on the cringing contact embarrassment! He has his minions reveal your distressing porn habits to the whole office!How can all this wonderfully, quirky, unique awesomeness be over so soon? WHY SO SHORT?But then, I think it needed to be without being boring or losing its shine. This is a book that was zany and whacky and fun – it isn’t deep or involved or complex. I think it would have collapsed under its own weight if it were too long, like a big sugary confection – sweet and light and tasty and fun but not intended to be substantial.Read More