Dracula's Secret

Dracula's Secret - Linda Mercury In the 15th century, Vlad II, Vlad Dracul, is struggling to keep his home, the unstable and war torn land of Wallachia safe – and part of that requires a second heir should his eldest son die. But his wife gives birth to a daughter and they face the harsh choice of exposing her to the elements – until he looks at the new born child and sees a strength in her beyond anything he imagined – or would dare cross. They raise her as a son, Vlad.Who would later be known as Vlad Tepes. Dracula.And it is as a man that Vlad lives down the centuries until the terrible events of the Second World War, where Vlad fakes “his” own death and is reborn as Valerie Tate – free from her past but laden with a mission; to find redemption for the horrors she unknowingly abetted.Lance has his own sins to atone, deeply hidden in his past that stretches far further than his human façade would suggest. He is caught in his own redemption, trying to maintain a shelter for the homeless and dispossessed, no matter who they are; a novelty in world where the supernatural is shunned and persecuted. But an act of kindness brings him to the attention of the national media and to the compelling beauty Valerie, one of the last vampiresAnd of Radu Dracul, Vlad’s brother – who has ambitions of his own.Early in this book I was quickly hooked seeing the massive potential it had. Imagine, a female Dracula, raised as male, living her entire life – centuries – as male and then finally having the chance to present as female. The debate as to what was truly her and what was the act, how comfortable is she assuming a female role – how much of it is liberated desire and how much does she miss of the persona she has maintained so long? How much of her is Valerie? And how much is Vlad Tepes?Then there’s the conflict with her brother Radu – the combination of love, shared experience and bitter hatred, vengeance and a need for redemption.There’s Dracula’s involvement with Nazi Germany and her desperate need to redeem herself. There’re fallen angels seeing a way back to heaven, nascent angels seeking to offer guidance. And across this is a backdrop of a vast world full of a huge range of supernatural beings seeking to enter politics and find legal recognistion. Even a battle to try and keep a homeless shelter open in the face of fierce opposition and lack of resourcesThere is vast potential . There is so much that can be done with this story. I couldn’t wait to see how all these wonderful, myriad issues would be brought together. There’s so much that could be done with this……so let’s do none of it and just have a purple-prosed romance, ‘kay?*sigh*The very potential of this book and the incredible world and premise that has been established just makes the actual book produced so much more disappointing! It’s not that some of those issues are all absent – we definitely touch on a few – but only shallowly because by far and away the dominant focus is on how very very hot Valerie and Lance find each other. Which is very very hot indeed. Extremely hot. I cannot stress how sexy they find each other. I mean, the first time they see each other we get three solid pages of description and how very compelling they find each other. This is before they speak a word. This is before they even stand within 10 feet of each other.Read More