In the Blood (Maker's Song Series #2)

In the Blood - Adrian Phoenix After the events of the last book, the powers that be are seeking to tie up loose ends and cover up Bad Seed and make sure no-one ever knows what happens. Which means people have to be silenced – which puts Dante and Heather in a very dangerous situation with some powerful forces hunting them.In addition, the whole events, including the dramatic death of the Bad Seed agents at Dante’s hands has brought Dante to the attention of Dr. Wells, the initial founder of Bad Seed. He has plans for Dante – as does his brilliant son – and both have the tools to manipulate Dante’s shattered mind and pull him into their web.Then there’s the Elohim; Lucien has done his best to hide Dante from his fellows, but his song is being heard and he cannot hide much longer.This book avoided, to an extent, the main problem I had with the first book. Of course, that’s rather to be expected – my problem was the first book being too full, with too much world building and new weird words and too many characters and too many agendas made the whole book far too full and confusing and rushed. I didn’t know where I was or what everyone was doing or even what everyone was – it took a lot of back tracking and notes and head scratching to finally get everyone in the right place.Now with all of these characters established, the world resolved and everything set, we didn’t have to face that… except I wrote “to an extent” up there – because while the world building was already set, we still had the shifting POVs, the 10 squillion unnecessary characters and the million unnecessary agendas. We had:Heather, Dante, Von et al. The good guys! Yay!Then there was the Shadow Branch of the government (miscellaneous nefarious folk). Their agenda is to kill everyone to cover up Bad Seed and everything that happened in the last bookTheir agent/assassin Caterina has her own agenda because of her vampire motherRutgers is the boss of the more conventional FBI who wants to kill a different set of people from the Shadow Branch because… I’m not even sure. Spite, I think.Dr. Wells is a nefarious scientist who started Bad Seed and wants to use Dante to his own nefarious endsAlex is Dr. Wells son and wants to use Dante for his own nefarious ends – which are different from his dad’s.Athena has her own agenda which is completely random and incomprehensibleHeather’s father is manipulating Annie into… I have no idea. Something.Lucien wants to protect Dante from his fellowsLillith wants her daughter backGabriel has his own agendaAnd Lucifer has a separate one.Oh and Heather would rather like to find out who killed her motherENOUGH! That’s a ridiculous number of characters and agendas to pack into one book. At very least trim out Rutgers or one of the angels or something! There was a moment when an assassin was pointing his gun at Von and I had no idea who he was trying to kill or why because there was so much going on.The language was also repetitive – Dante is supernaturally beautiful. We get it. He’s yummy. Moving on. Yes, he’s angsty – we know this, can we not revisit it every 5 seconds?Ok that’s a lengthly complaint but the problem is that the complaint is lengthly – but my overall impression of the book is good. It’s always hard to write a review where my criticism takes a long time to explain but my praise is brief – even if my praise is stronger than my criticismRead More