A Study in Silks

A Study in Silks - Emma Jane Holloway Though Evelina Cooper is gentry, she is a woman caught between worlds. As the niece of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, when a young maid is murdered she is determined to find justice but at the same time Evelina must be careful as her best friend's family is indicated in wrong doing. If that were not enough, Evelina is pulled by her past when her lost childhood love makes an appearance. With him comes the danger of discovering she is a magical person in a society that has outlawed magic.Holmes and the famous Dr. Watson make an appearance in this story. As someone who has never read the Sherlock Holmes novels, I cannot speak to how accurate the portrayal is. I did, however, enjoy the detective greatly and felt that he added great tension to the story.There are several strong female characters in the novel. As the protagonist, Evelina was completely enjoyable. She is smart and even though Evelina is pulled between two men, she never gets so caught up in the romance that she loses sight of who she is and what is important to her. Tobias is ordered to seduce Evelina and his love for her stops him from ruining her reputation; however Evelina is quite clear that regardless of his motivations, she cannot afford him. Even Niccolo, her long lost circus performer love, who she is terribly attracted to is desperate for her love but she is too well aware that a life with him is the path to danger because together they cannot control the magic that flows.read more