Tempt the Stars (Cassandra Palmer, #6)

Tempt the Stars (Cassandra Palmer, #6) - Karen Chance When we last left Cassie two years ago, she was on the verge of death until Pritkin gave her the energy so desperately needed, thus sacrificing his freedom. I am sure that many fans of this series screamed in frustration at this point, I know I did. Tempt the Stars doesn't begin quite where Hunt the Moon left off. It's now been a week since Pritkin disappeared and Cassie is determined to do whatever he has to to bring him back from his fathers clutches - even if she has to go to hell.Tempts the Stars is filled with all of the elements that fans have come to love about the series. Cassandra continues to be filled with spunky agency and though at times it is seriously annoying because she jumps headfirst into situations without thinking them through, one cannot help but to route for her. It is only when we consider how little Cassandra knows about the office of Pythia, her mother and even latent powers that one realises that she been left absolutely defenseless despite the power she has. Yes, I know that this is yet another trope in urban fantasy, but Cassie's never say die attitude keeps the story moving without being bogged down in self pity. It helps that in the end, Cassie accepts who she is and is thankful.For all of her inept bumbling, Cassie continues to be a strong protagonist. Chance avoids falling into the trap of simply turning her into a weapon as a way to express strength, which is far too common in urban fantasy today. Cassie's goal is to save Pritkin which in many ways is a change in gender roles because not only is not waiting to be saved, Cassie is actively trying to save the big strong man. I love that though Cassie has her moments of modesty, she is not above whining about not being able to masturbate in the shower because of sensitive vampire hearing. Read More