A Rush of Wings

A Rush of Wings - Adrian Phoenix Heather is an FBI agent tracking down a serial killer who has been leaving a trail of victims across the country over the last 3 years. The trail has now lead her to New OrleansAnd there she finds far more than a serial killer – she finds Dante. A vampire.But far more than just a vampire – he’s a target for her serial killer and constantly under the eye of a Fallen Angel who seems to be hiding his own secrets; not least of which the truth of Dante’s past, shrouded by his fractured memory.Heather faces the supernatural for the first time – and the realisation it may actually exist – still has to hunt a serial killer and is embroiled in a conspiracy that cuts to the core of people she respects and her own principles.Opening this book, I felt bombarded.There were vampires (though they weren’t originally referred to as such, leading to more questions) and fallen (which may or may not be angels), which were referred to in many different ways, a serial killer, a nomad (who is an llygad and I still have no clue what that means but it’s apparently relevant), True Blood all without any explanation until a lot further in.Add to that a serial killer, some bloke called Etienne who is pissed about something – and I’ve finished the book but I’m still not sure why he’s pissed, a vampire, a winged bloke, a band, some blokes at the bar who have their own agenda that isn’t instantly apparent, some local police, an FBI agent, an FBI agent’s boss and then a shadowy figure who won’t become clear until waaaaay later, scattered with a random minor character I have no clue about – and I stagger a bit more. Especially when the random POV switches happen – at one point we POV switch to someone who I didn’t even know at that point.Then drop in a whole load of Cajun French and some language that looks like Welsh but isn’t – none of it translated or explained (there’s a glossary at the back as I discovered at the end).All of that together and I started to get rather irritated. It was too much at once, there was no time to grasp at anything and I kept forgetting who various people were and what they did. Ronin’s name kept escaping me, I still have no clue who Etienne is and I even forgot Heather was an FBI agent. As for Silver, Gina, et al – I had only the vaguest idea who they were and it quite destroyed the tension that was supposed to revolve around themI actually thought I had missed a book – there was so much information here that wasn’t explained that surely I was book 3 or 4 in a series? But apparently not. This is actually the first book.I hung in there, I kept fighting I even took notes to help me keep track of this maze – and finally got out. Repetition, the cast thinning out, some concepts becoming clearly irrelevant (except Etienne, someone explain Etienne to me!) let me pull clear of the maze and finally understand everything and everyone. And once I knew what was happening? Once I cleared that first, oh, 25%?It was good. Oh yes yes it was.The vampires were pretty standard – but fun for that. None of the angsty moping vampires, they were dark and sexy and actually pulled it off. No, really – actual dark and sexy. Yes we’ve seen it before, but I like it and it was done well.The Fallen were original – the concept of them, of the Creators and what that meant and who they were was completely and utterly new. I love it, I love the twist of it and I loved that Lucien was just flat out awesomely deadly even while fettered by real emotional issues.Together it made for a fascinating, intriguing world that I really want to see more of. It’s one of those worlds you want to see used over and over again with different series because there’s so much to see.The story itself was… full. I think there were, perhaps, a few too many threads (like Ronin and Etienne and the detour to Arizona) and at times I felt overwhelmed even after the beginning. But the source of E and Dante, what his memories actually covered was shocking and twisty and completely surprised me. I also was surprised that the actual criminal investigation, that I was sure would be the main thread of the book, turned out to be such a minor element of the book. But the conspiracy was involved and truly had a full sense of how scary and dark the whole thing was. I loved it, I really did love this story, bloat and all – because I hope that bloat will be threads for future books.Read More