Fatal Infatuation (Almost Human #1) by Melanie Nowak

Fatal Infatuation (Almost Human, The First Trilogy, #1) - Melanie Nowak

I’m afraid this book review is a DNF – did not finish


Not because it was grossly offensive, not because it was completely awful, not because it enraged me or offended me or left me outraged. No, it’s a DNF because I was bored, because I saw little that engaged me or drew me in and I was just bored by the time I made it half way through the book.


It felt very paint-by-numbers to me. We have our protagonist, Felicity, going to college in a new town. Which turns out to have vampires in it (a fact she absorbs quickly) including Cain (yes, Cain. Cain.) This is the good vampire, on first meeting he saves her life from the bad vampires and the inevitable crushes begins. We’re quickly railroaded in them heading together with him finding this college student he barely knows as super compelling. We even have the extra lines about how he never ever lets himself get close to other people any more but for some reason Felicity is just too compelling for reasons that are never made clear. Oh wait, later there’s a line that he finds her attractive because she’s a human who knows he’s a vampire and isn’t wary about being all alone with him


Awww… lacking survival instincts is totally sexy guys!


This building romance has speed bumps in the form of misunderstandings, occasional worries and introspection none of which lasts more than a few pages and really doesn’t generate a whole lot of worry or introspection


Which was another irritant – I mentioned that Felicity accepted vampires quickly – well it was pretty ridiculous. It was like “vampires are real!” ok… and she moves on. She doesn’t have a whole lot of questions, she doesn’t take much time to adapt to this, she doesn’t change her behaviour a great deal, she doesn’t make many enquiries, she doesn’t talk to people about this, she doesn’t ask why this town is vampire central or whatever else is out there or whether there is anything stopping the vampires attacking. When she learns Cain is 300 years old she decides to… research the Salem Witch Trials…


…I have no idea why. Not even the slightest clue.


I’m also not entirely convinced by her characterisation – she’s a student going to college and there’s a scene where she is asked if she has Myspace


No, she doesn’t have Myspace. Because it’s the 21st century. No-one has Myspace.


She also doesn’t have a mobile phone. Doesn’t have a computer. Doesn’t have any social media presence and didn’t even know that social media can be accessed via mobile phone



She thinks people will assume she’s a bumpkin. Well, yes, if by “bumpkin” you mean “raised by wolves wearing clothes made from animals you killed with your teeth.”



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