Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1) by Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight - Cassandra Clare

Though its buildings have been repaired. the Shadowhunters are still dealing with the results of the war.  At the Los Angeles Institute, Emma, Jules and the entire Blackthorn family are very much on the front lines of the destruction. It's been five years since the war ended and though she has been told by the Clave that Sebastian is responsible for the death of her parents, Emma is convinced that he is not the guilty party and is determined to find out who the murderer really is.   Julian has been taking care of his younger siblings after having to kill his father in the war.  Julian struggles each day to keep his family together and to hide the fact that it is he and not his uncle running the Institute.

It all comes to a head when the fae arrive at the institute wanting to make a trade. Years ago they had stolen Mark Blackthorn and forced him to be a part of the Wild Hunt. When Emma learns that there are bodies being discovered in the city with the same markings as her parents, Emma becomes convinced that this is the long awaited clue she needs to discover who murdered her. With bodies piling up in Los Angeles, the fae are determined to get to the bottom of what is going on and since no one will work with them but the nephilim, they offer to trade Mark for the identity of the killer.  The clock is racing. Somehow they have to find the murderer without letting the Clave know what is going on.

Finding out that Cassandra Clare had written yet another Shadowhunter book didn't please me at all.

 She has after all written the same series twice and simply changed the name of the characters.  To be perfectly honest, I didn't go into Lady Midnight with a lot hope which is a good thing because I avoided any disappointment. It's official, Clare is going to drain this world for every dollar it can produce because she suffers from an extreme lack of imagination. Love triangles and angst abound in this 500+ page tome to which I unfortunately sacrificed hours of my precious life.

Sure, this time Emma isn't a young girl with no idea about what really inhabits the world but Clare once again has teenagers saving the world.  TEENAGERS.  Of course there are no reliable adults and the kids always know better than anyone how to deal with danger.  However, with all the danger, they still have time for relationship angst, love triangles and sex.

Clare is nothing if not repetitive and this holds very much true for Lady Midnight. I am sure she wanted to give us an update from The Mortal Instruments Series and the Infernal Devices Series but to do that she had to forcefully ram in Clary, Jace, Jem and Tessa in such a fashion, it felt like she was trying to push a square peg in a round hold.  If the focus of this story is supposed to be about the Blackthorn family and Emma, why is it that we had to read repeatedly about Emma's former crush Jace and how he is the shadowhunter of his generation? What was the point of squeezing in a Jace/Clary love scene into the book?  Why did Magnus supposedly accidentally run into Emma and Jules to impart some crucial information and then absolutely disappear from the story?  Sure, it was great to learn that Magnus and Alec have adopted a demon child together but it had nothing to do with the plot of Lady Midnight.



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