At Blade's Edge (Rowan Summerwaite #4) By Lauren Dane

At Blade's Edge (Goddess With a Blade) - Lauren Dane

Rowan has been betrayed by the Hunter Corp, there’s a rot within it and she is done with it, she is done with tolerating it and she is done with good Hunters dying

Heads will roll.


Of course she’s also a married woman – which in many ways is far more daunting than something as simple as rebuilding the Hunter Corp from the ground up.





The problem I have – which is always difficult when I love a series as much as this one – is that this book doesn’t feel perfectly executed. This could, in part, be due to my very very high expectations. The big showdown with Roth and the Hunters seems just…. Way too simple. They kind of just moved in, yelled at people and made it happen, no twist, no issue.


That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not everything has to be a struggle after all, and one of the defining features of Roth is that he is incompetent. It’s one of the defining features of Hunter Corp in general – that they have the field agents who are experienced and skilled and the Office Agents who have no experience in the field and have spent far too much time dealing with things in theory and not nearly enough actual practical experience. So, yes it does make sense that Roth wouldn’t be a major challenge – that’s an ongoing issue through the books and it makes sense. Nor does everything need to be such an epic struggle and it’s not bad to have something handled well both because Rowan is so skilled, and, because Rowan is just this damn sick of this shit.


Which, I think, is another important element to point out – this goes so simply because Rowan is Done. She is Done with this. She is furious, she is betrayed, she is enraged and she is making sure this ends and things are changed. The simplicity reflects the strength and determination and power of Rowan who will Get Things Done no matter what.


But it still feels simple – I can understand it not being difficult, but it seemed to involve so little as well. It wasn’t only easy – but there wasn’t a lot to do. And when we handle that there’s just…. not much more left. Outside of the story we have Rowan and Clive’s relationship and them finding their position as husband and wife



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