Accidentally Catty (Accidentals #5) by Dakota Cassidy

Accidentally Catty - Dakota Cassidy

After stopping to help an injured cougar veterinarian Katie Woods quickly realises that she just brought a ton of trouble into her life when her hand suddenly turns into a paw after being scratched.  With a set full of new teeth, Katie goes through all the logical medical reasons for her sudden transformation.  Lucky for Katie, the crew of OOPS is on the task. Having been through an accidental turning before, Wanda, Marty, Nina and Casey are on the case.  Katie thought that suddenly having a paw was pretty wild but when the cougar who scratched her turned into a handsome Englishman, Kate quickly realised that this already complicated situation is even more complicated - or, at least, that is what her quickly beating heart is telling her.

This book five of the Accidentals series and it's now absolutely formulaic. It goes like this: girl gets accidentally scratched/bitten by some supernatural creature, girl has a freak out cause she is no longer completely human, boy feels immediate attraction and of course responsibility for the change, boy is also dealing with some kind of mortal danger, girl and boy solve his problems and have their HEA.  These books are so formulaic that at this point I swear they've been written by the numbers.

Each male interest comes with their own little twist and in Shaw's case it's amnesia.  Because he cannot remember who he is let alone his own name, Shaw is of little help assisting Katie with her change.  Shaw is the typical tall dark and handsome type with a shade of commanding and creepy.  Creepy how you may wonder? When a man sniffs a womans panties to ensure that he is straight, I'd say a shade of creepy is an accurate description. On the side of good, Shaw is entertaining and sarcastic, easily my favorite character in Accidentally Catty.

Unfortunately, once again, Nina makes an appearance in this book.  I just want this character to disappear into a massive plot hole and never ever return.  Being a vampire, Nina is the enforcer of the OOPS crew but has the class of a billy goat.  Look, I'm not one with virgin ears or eyes but I am sick of Nina's dialogue because every second word she says is fuck.  The constant swearing doesn't make her look tough but it just makes her look ignorant with a teeny vocabulary.  I also don't understand exactly why the women are friends with Nina. They all constantly have to hold her back and tell her to shut up, even as she bullies them, curses them out and threatens them every second page.

Okay sorry about the Nina rant but I cannot stand that character and in fact, I deserve a cookie for putting up with her for FIVE books.  Okay, back to Katie.  Kate is in her early forties and recovering after a bad divorce in which her work reputation was ruined.  When Shaw enters her life, the last thing she is looking for is romance, particularly with someone who doesn't look old enough to vote.  Kate quickly becomes obsessed with the idea that she is a cradle robber and goes into complete denial. So how does she deal with having an attraction she feels is inappropriate? Well, she  tries to convince herself that Shaw is gay.

It's worth noting that this is book 5 in the Accidentals series and we have yet to be introduced to a single LGBT character.  Instead, what Cassidy offered us was a terrible parody of inclusion.  Kate tells herself that Shaw must be gay to deal with her uncomfortable attraction to him.  If Shaw is gay then he is safe as far as Kate is concerned.  Other than Kate's fear of her attraction to Shaw, she justifies believing that he is gay based in the fact that he made some vague reference to Project Runway. Having the straight love interest being thought of as gay is a cheap device and offensive.  Then Cassidy doubles down on her offensiveness. 



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