A Demon Bound (Imp #1) by Debra Dunbar

A Demon Bound  - Debra Dunbar

Samantha has managed to live amongst the humans for forty years by masking her identity.  Being an imp, she cannot resist things like leaving gum on the floor of an expensive restaurant, dressing and behaving inappropriately and beating up her tenants when they refuse to pay their rent on time.  She has developed a great flirtation with her neighbour Wyatt and while she would like to "own" him one day, she isn't bored enough yet to lose the great friendship they have.

Things might have continued on that way for Samantha had she not killed a werewolf in defense of her hellhound pet.  Tasked with taking on a rogue angel to pay back her debt to the werewolves, Samantha finds herself in more danger than she ever has been before. Can Samantha find a way to stop one angel dedicated to the genocide of the werewolves, while dealing with another angel who is determined to bend her to his will?

As a first book, A Demon Bound wasn't a bad introduction to this series.  I would have liked to have seen more active world building but get the sense that this is something Dunbar plans to reveal slowly over the next couple of books.   It seemed weird to me that Samantha, herself a demon, who was aware of elves and angels, would be shocked at the existence of werewolves. This was explained because of the supposedly secret nature of werewolves and the limited time that demons got to spend on the earhly plane but something didn't feel quite right about that.  We know that there is an angel council and once demons had legions because of wars.  Without further information, the reader  is left to assume that the rift between the two groups is based on Christian mythology.  I really didn't have a problem with this as Dunbar didn't even come close to proselytizing in A Demon Bound. For the most part, other than the obvious self righeousness, angels read like any other supernatural creatures.  I took particularly delight each time Gregory, (an angel) called Samantha a cockroach.  I also liked that angels weren't the fluffy and warm image that we see so often.  Despite the celebrity good looks, it's clear that angels can be assholes.

I liked Samantha from the very beginning. Yes, she's absolutely evil at the start but grows over time. There were several times I found myself giggling at her antics.  I loved the way she constantly looked to cause trouble,  even if meant walking around naked to upset the puritanical werewolf Candy.  The more Candy balked about Samantha's naked ways, the more Samantha became outrageous.  Samantha wasn't always a smart protagonist in that she seemed to constantly antagonize Gregory (a very powerful angel). In that sense she seemed to have a bit of Kellie Independence going on but I found myself rooting for her every step of the way.



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